The Launch of the new MA in Emerging Technologies

After over a year of hard work and determination, the Master of Arts in Emerging Technologies opened to students this week. As part of the core development team and the developer / instructor for one of the two core courses, I’m excited to see this project come to fruition. The fields of Emerging Technologies in general, and digital media and new literacies in particular, are changing so rapidly that as someone once said, “We are living in a world of beta.” But that is also what makes these fields so exciting to study. Reading, writing, publishing, communicating, viewing, and speaking, and the technologies we use to do all of these things, are having major impacts on global social, cultural, and political landscapes.

Here’s one example: Doug Belshaw’s newest text, The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies v0.4 is self-published and the earlier you buy into the book, the cheaper it is. As he states, “if you buy into the book now,” you will receive the rest of the chapters as he finishes writing them!

Another example that I find really interesting is  Understanding Digital Civics. The author, Ethan Zuckerman, is looking at how internet-natives are using the web to engage in civic and political life. He states, “As the structure of the media industry changed, we see some parallel changes in politics.” It is interesting to look at the creative and worthy projects that so many of our young people are engaging in today.

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