Course Design

New Media & New Literacies

One of the first two core courses in SUNY Empire State College’s new MA in Emerging Technologies program, this course is designed to explore the implications of new media and new literacies in social, political, economic, and personal spheres.  Students investigate theories and research related to meaning-making in and around the contexts of contemporary social media. In addition, students work collaboratively and collectively to build their knowledge in how these media are created, used, interpreted, and re-used by themselves and others. They explore how affinities for these media enable us to think differently about what it means to read, write, listen, speak, view, and participate in often over lapping, and at times juxtaposed, spaces.  Rather than focus on producing new media, this course explores the impact new media and the resulting new literacies have on membership in existing and emerging communities of practice.

Learning activities in this graduate-level course include blogging, keeping an ongoing concept map to document growing understandings, group discussions, a collaborative project and two self-assessment and learning reflection reports.

Student Praise for New Media & New Literacies:

The MALET course looks fantastic!  I’m going to be blogging as opposed to posting in the traditional ANGEL fashion.  In addition, I’ll be using a new tech tool, well, new to me, that involves mapping my ideas and understanding of the concepts that I am learning from the texts….something that I can add to and make changes to as I progress through the course.  I’m excited about the first written assignment as it involves writing 3-4 pages reflecting on a book review from the New York Times “Literacy Debate- Online, RU Really Reading?”  At a quick glance I noticed that this review focuses on what adolescents are reading these days, (fewer books) primarily from a variety of texts found online.     If you’d like a copy of the review I scan it and send that on to you!  I see this course as one that nicely dovetails with the work that I am doing in the MAT program and at FMS!  ~ Lisa Michaels, MAT student

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